GK-11 Powder 50g



GK-11 Powder

GK-11 Powder/Gacyclidine is a psychoactive drug which acts as a dissociative via functioning as a non-competitive NMDA receptor antagonist. It is closely related to phencyclidine, and specifically, is a derivative of tenocyclidine.


Other name: Gacyclidine

: It is closely related to phencyclidine (PCP) and is a derivative of tenocyclidine (TCP)

IUPAC name: 1-[(1R,2S)-2-methyl-1-thiophen-2-ylcyclohexyl]piperidine

CAS number: 68134-81-6

Formula: C16H25NS

Purity: 99,7% min

Appearance: white powder

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