DXA Powder 50g



DXA Powder

Dextrallorphan (DXA powder) is an opioid derivative chemical of the morphinan class that is used in scientific research. It acts as a σ1 receptor agonist and NMDA receptor antagonist.It has no significant affinity for the σ2, μ-opioid, or δ-opioid receptor, or for the serotonin or norepinephrine transporter. As an NMDA receptor antagonist, in vivo, it is approximately twice as potent as dextromethorphan, and five-fold less potent than dextrorphan


Other name: Dextrallorphan

IUPAC name: ( )-(13?,14?)-17-allylmorphinan-3-ol

CAS number: 5822-43-5

Formula: C19H25NO

Purity: 99,8% min

Appearance: white powder

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  1. Perkins

    I was looking for a knew vendor to satisfy my research needs. sent out the products, which were IPPD and Clonacolam, very speedy. The products were tested in my lab. Both substances are of high quality. Also it took only 4 days from the shipment until the order reached my doormat. Legit…

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