Celexa 10mg


Generic name: Citalopram.
Brand name: Celapram, Cipramil, Ciazil.

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Celexa belongs to strong antidepressant agents. The action’s mechanism involves a reverse neuronal selective blockade of serotonin at synapses with neurons of CNS with minimum effect against reuptake of norepinephrine and dopamine. Celexa helps to improve mood, relieves anxiety, reduces fear and stress, eliminates dysphoria, reduces OCD, practically does not invoke sedation. Stable clinical effect develops after 7-10 days of regular use. After oral administration Cmax of Celexa in plasma is achieved in 2-4 hours. Bioavailability at intake is about 80%. Changes in plasma medicament’s concentrations are linear. In plasma remedy is mostly unchanged, metabolized by demethylation, oxidation, deamination. Celexa 10mg 90 pills are the more distributed dosing form. Medication is excreted by kidneys and through the intestines. The medicine’s assignment is treatment of depressions. Patients are allowable to buy celexa online during all day.


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