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We are selling Biosynergy which presents a blend of HGH Fragment 176-191 and MODIFIED GRF (1-29). Slim Fit is a special blend of peptides for weight loss. Slim Fit is a powerful and effective fat burner.



The combination of Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide (GHRP) with a Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) acts to amplify the GH release with a synergistic effect.

Biosynergy designed Slim fitwhich is a Blend of two peptides specifically designed for weight loss. The Blend is a mix of the peptide HGH Fragment 176-191 and the peptide MODIFIED GRF (1-29) in one bottle.

Peptide HGH Fragment 176-191 is the best and most powerful peptide for weight loss. HGH Fragment 176-191 is an extremely powerful and effective fat burner because it allows a reduction in abdominal fat, body fat, increased energy expenditure and prevents food from processing into fat.

Modified GRF 1-29 (GHRH) is a CJC-1295 Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH). CJC-1295 is a synthetic secretagogue that stimulates the release of HGH. In the human body, large amounts of growth hormone are stored in the pituitary. GHRH has an effect on the number of cells and the ability to secrete more.

Slim Fit brings you:

  • Reduction and burning of body fat
  • Weight Loss
  • Increase in lean body mass (depending on diet and training)
  • Increase in energy, strength, and endurance
  • Contributes to the natural secretion of IGF1 in the liver which strengthens your muscles while burning fat
  • Increase in strength and endurance

Top Steroids Online Tips:

  1. For best results, the timing of the injections should be in the morning or before breakfast. Take 30 mins before cardio exercise.
  2. During cardio exercise, maintain a moderate intensity between 30-60 minutes. A moderate pace will help the burning of free fatty acids. Abstain from eating for about 2 hours after your exercise because this is when the body still burns fat as fuel.
  3. Your diet should be low in carbohydrates but high in protein and good fats.
  4. SLIM FIT also burns fat at night during sleep. Another dose before going to bed is recommended to achieve even better results.
  5. Finally, eat healthy when using SLIM FIT to help you lose weight and maintain the results obtained after the cycle.

Preparation before injection:

  • Composition : 3 boxes of 10 Bottles – 2.1mg / bottle.
  • Peptides Each vial of 2.1mg consists of 1.5mg HGH Fragment 176-191 + 0.6mg of MODIFIED GRF (1-29).
  • Dilution : use 2ml of bacteriostatic water
  • Frequency : 2 injections per day (before breakfast or 15-30 minutes before cardio and before bed)
  • Cycle time with a box : 1 months
  • Cycle time recommended : Minimum of 3 months and maximum of 6 months
  • Dose vial : 6 X 350 mcg (1 vial for 3 days)
  • Dose injection : 350 mcg (250 mcg HGH FRAG 176-191 + 100 mcg Modified GRF (1-29))
  • Dose in your insulin syringe : = 350 to 0.33 mcg mL (33 units on insulin syringe)

Dosage per sporting level:

  • Le Dosage recommended by the brandis an dosage for userswho have never used this treatment.
    • Dosage recommended by the brand = normal dosage (700mcg / day).
  • Le Initial dosage is an assay for users who have already used steroids, peptides, and/or growth hormone.
    • Double dose = initiated dosing (1.4mg / day).
  • Le Pro elite dosage is a dosage for competitors and professionals.
    • Triple dose = pro elite dose (2.1mg / day).
    • Tip: divide the injections throughout the day.
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