20gr Uncut Heroin #4 (No. 4 Heroin) pharmaceutical grade


We do sell No.4 Grade Heroin (Heroin #4) pharmaceutical grade, assay 99.89%+ purity. No.4 Grade Heroin is the PUREST form of Heroin available and ever to sold. It is a white powder that is easily dissolved in water and thus readily injected. #4 Heroin is water soluble and MUCH more pure and desirable among IV users and people who sniff whereas, #3 is for people who prefer to smoke it.

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Buy 20grams Heroin #4 (No. 4 Heroin) pharmaceutical grade, assay 99.89%+ purity.

Our Heroin has its own unique qualities. It has been heavily purified and then cut with odorless cuts to produce pure Heroin #4 (No. 4 Heroin) with nice and clean consistency. Heroin #4 (No. 4 Heroin) is pharmaceutical grade (the purest available without any vinegar smell)

We import direct from the factory so we can guarantee a quality Heroin #4 (No. 4 Heroin) – over 99.89% purity.
We are the most reputable and trusted wholesaler and retailer of Heroin #4 (No. 4 Heroin) – We have built our superb reputation by offering our customers a pleasant & professional shopping experience, excellent quality Heroin #4 (No. 4 Heroin) with FREE delivery and friendly customer support.

We also wholesale Heroin #4 (No. 4 Heroin) at very low price, contact us for more details.

When you buy Heroin #4(No. 4 Heroin) from us you are guaranteed of the highest quality available on the market, high purity, secure payment, very fast discreet delivery etc.

Contact us anytime and buy at wholesale price or retail price.

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  1. Severson

    I ordered fub akb48, 4f php and 3 fpm. Top quality, high purity. Y maked payment monday and friday arrived in Spain. The best and the fastest. Cheers

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