2 Pack x 220mg Tomorrowland XTC (MDMA) 50 Pills per Pack

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We are offering Tomorrowland XTC (MDMA) 220mg+ Pills, guaranteed best grade.



Buy 50 Pills Tomorrowland XTC (MDMA) 220mg+ Pills 

100 pieces = 320 USD

50 pieces = 190 USD

Name: Tomorrowland
MDMA Grade: 220+MG
Color: Purple
Breakline: None
Press: 1st super solid press

These are from the famous Q-Dance / Defqon / Partyflock / Mortal Kombat / Bitcoin / Android / Gold Bars / Heineken / UPS producers in Holland

creet overnight shipping and next day delivery.

1 review for 2 Pack x 220mg Tomorrowland XTC (MDMA) 50 Pills per Pack

  1. Iddings

    Very fast shipping and well packed items these guys are professionals. The chat is the sh**, there is always someone to answer and they are very comprehensive, all questions answered quickly and accurately, very helpful if you’re unsure about anything at all. The product hasn’t been thoroughly analysed yet, but all of the first tests were promising. Go for it !!!

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