Prothiaden 50mg (Dosulepin Hydrochloride)


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Prothiaden (Dosulepin Hydrochloride) is a business sector pioneer in the Indian stimulant business sector. Prothiaden has an effective energizer activity with related anxiolytic movement. It offers unrivaled viability and a predominant decency profile. An unique exploration item, Prothiaden has withstood the test of time even against the most recent antidepressants.

Presentation and Composition :

Prothiaden is displayed as red colored film-covered tablets, containing 25mg of Dothiepin Hydrochloride IP in Prothiaden 25 and 75mg of Dothiepin Hydrochloride IP in Prothiaden 75. Prothiaden (25 mg) – Blister Strip of 10 tablets Prothiaden (75 mg) – Blister Strip of 10 tablets.

Signs :

Prothiaden is shown in the treatment of indications of depressive disease particularly where an against nervousness impact is needed.

For Precautions and Drug Interactions please counsel full Product Information/ Package Insert.

What is Prothiaden (Dosulepin/ Dothiepin)?

– Prothiaden (Dosulepin/ Dothiepin) has a place with gathering o pharmaceuticals known as tricyclic antidepressants.

– Prothiaden (Dosulepin/ Dothiepin) is utilized to treat despondency, particularly when the patient is encountering trouble resting and a loss of craving.

In what capacity would it be a good idea for me to take Prothiaden (Dosulepin/ Dothiepin)?

Bring each one measurement with a full glass (8 ounces) of water. Store Antabuse (Disulfiram) at room temperature far from dampness and hotness.

Prothiaden (Dosulepin/ Dothiepin) symptoms

Tiredness, dry mouth, smudged vision, blockage, trouble urinating (passing water), sweating, feeling wiped out, a quick or vacillating pulse, precariousness, skin rashes, being effectively edgy, perplexity, sexual issues, expanded voracity, weight pick up, growth of the bosoms or release from the areolas.

Critical: If you encounter the accompanying indications contact your specialist or go to the mishap and crisis division of your neighborhood doctor’s facility without a moment’s delay. Fever (high temperature), loss of cognizance, firmness of the muscles, pallor of the skin, a quick pulse, incontinence (passing water without control from the patient), jaundice (yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes).

Instructions to store Prothiaden (Dosulepin/ Dothiepin)?

– Keep all Prothiaden (Dosulepin/ Dothiepin) out of the compass of kids

– Store in cool, dry spot, far from immediate light and high temperature

– Never keep oout of date or undesirable Prothiaden (Dosulepin/ Dothiepin). Dispose of them security out of range of kids or take them to your neighborhood drug specialist who will discard undesirable solutions for you.


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